Tom DeLonge has blasted media reports that he quit Blink-182 to hunt for UFOs. While he has confirmed he is assisting the United States government in unspecified research, the guitarist/singer denies he outright resigned from his band.

In a June 21 Facebook post, DeLonge writes that his June 17 interview with was misinterpreted, leading other outlets to claim "Tom DeLonge Says UFOs Made Him Quit Blink-182" and "Tom DeLonge: 'UFO hunt hasn't ended my time with Blink-182.'"

"Quitting the band to search for UFOs? Hahhaha WTF is wrong with you media. I'm actually talking to Travis about us right now... Never did quit, remember? But- Am I currently working with people in the Government? YES. Including leadership from DOD, Intelligence and Executive Branch? YES. Just wait for the Documentary before considering ridiculous headlines. Haha.... ‪#‎sekretmachines‬."

Sekret Machines, Book 1: Chasing Shadows is the first installment of DeLonge's book series on extraterrestrial life. He also released in 2016 The Dream Walker Demoes, a collection of odds and ends by his other band Angels and Airwaves. Other works within the past two years have included the graphic novel series Poet Anderson and Strange Times.

As for DeLonge's relationship with his Blink band mates, drummer Travis Barker confirmed to 97x in May that he was still in contact with the guitarist. Singer/bassist Mark Hoppus was more distant, saying in a Live105 interview that getting back together with DeLonge "is so far down to the road to even be a possibility."

DeLonge vacated his role in Blink in 2015. Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba stepped in on tour and contributed to the upcoming California album, out July 1.

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