“When you experience something great, you want to share it with everyone,” a recent Verizon ad suggests. In the 30-second clip (watch below), an entire city lights up with sparklers while people enjoy their Verizon 4G phones. What’s the song in this feelgood commercial?

The ear-pleasing tune is Bloc Party’s ‘So Here We Are’ from their debut record, ‘Silent Alarm,’ which dropped back in 2005 via Wichita Recordings. It landed at No. 114 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 7 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart.

NME named 'Silent Alarm' 2005's Album of the Year and gave it a glowing review, calling it "the unpigeonholeable soundtrack to 21st-century life as a cast-off. In a world of posers, fakers and bandwagon-jumpers, Bloc Party are unquestionably ‘4 real’. They never shy away from showing their truest feelings, even if those are of vulnerability or weakness. It’s this honesty which has spoken to people and will speak to a hell of a lot more when ‘Silent Alarm’ rings out beyond the desks of music journalists."

‘So Here We Are’ was also featured in ‘27 Dresses,’ an episode of ‘Psych’ and the Season 2 finale of ‘One Tree Hill.’

Hear Bloc Party’s ‘So Here We Are’ in the Verizon 2013 Commercial