Bloc Party's Kele Okereke says that while many fans believe the song 'Kettling' off their new album, 'Four,' is about the riots that overtook his British homeland last year, the tune is really more focused on the Occupy Wall Street protests that peaked while he was in New York writing music for the disc.

"Everyone thinks that song is about the London riots, and it is partially, but I was living in New York at the time and every time I turned on the television you were seeing some sort of civil unrest happening in different parts of the world,'' he tells The Sydney Morning Herald.

"'Kettling' is more about the idea of protest than it is about the idea of rioting," he continues. "I think more of the American Occupy movement than the rioters; I think the act of protesting is a very beautiful, idealistic thing and completely necessary in terms of the changing of power.''

Okereke also says that New York's overall spastic energy rubbed off on him while he was there, despite the fact that he "was just blowing around in the wind." "I was living in New York and really having a great time ... I was having a really meditative time, not doing anything but writing and walking around," he says. "I think because of that I was a lot more receptive to the energies of people around me.''

''I wasn't working ... but everybody I knew was working two jobs, struggling the whole time just to keep going," he adds. "That kind of energy is what fed into the record. It's the darkest record we've made and I don't know why.''



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