Indie titans Bloc Party have finally released a new track, a simple and catchy song by the name of ‘Octopus.’

The metaphorically tentacled and somewhat nonsensical song is the first we’ve heard from ‘Four,’ the London band’s aptly titled fourth album, due out on Frenchkiss on Aug. 21 in the U.S. and Aug. 20 in the U.K.. At the Drive-In and Death Cab For Cutie producer Alex Newport was behind the boards for the album’s recording at a studio in New York.

The track shows the Party at their most stripped down. Always masters of rhythm, this one bounces along a taut line: Notice how frontman Kele Okereke’s nonchalant vocals are given space between Russell Lissack’s sharp guitarwork and Matt Tong’s steady, crisp drumming.

That same tight togetherness is in the warehouse video by Nova Dando. The visuals rhyme with the audio in strange ways, whether whole panels of color appearing with note by note, a rapid-cut gallery of fans against the brick walls or hula hooping, ribbon twirling dancers. It’s all quite synchronized.

Having cut their teeth making moody atmospheres -- look to ‘Like Eating Glass,’ for instance -- it’s exciting to hear the band retain its signature sound while forgoing down the melancholic heroics. They’ve got some swagger in their step -- maybe because Okereke was named the sexiest man in indie rock -- or because they're going back on tour.

Listen to Bloc Party, 'Octopus'


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