Blur had to abruptly stop a recent show in England last night (June 10) after a security barrier collapsed. The incident happened while they were performing "There's No Other Way," when the flow and movement of the packed crowd broke the barrier, NME reports.

"The barrier’s broken," frontman Damon Albarn said. "I hate it when that happens. Can everybody move back a meter?"

While they didn't leave the stage completely, Albarn, along with his bandmates, moved to the side as it was repaired. The crowd roared, probably in unamused by the situation, but continued to sing the lyrics to "There's No Other Way."

A fan-shot video shows that the band remained onstage while Albarn kept the banter going. "Is it alright now? No? I’ve never been to Blackpool before … is there an expert here? Do any of you look like experts," the frontman said.

After a few minutes, they continued the performance and started the song from the beginning. And in perfect rock star fashion, he took a water bottle and doused he audience, causing an explosion of cheers from the fans.

Despite the break in the show, Albarn still praised the city for being "amazing ... this has to be the best venue in the world."

Blur also paid homage to the city by playing "Stereotypes" during the encore, which Albarn introduced by saying, "I think this song was written about Blackpool."

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