While they were bitter rivals in the '90s during the height of the Britpop era, Blur's Damon Albarn and former Oasis guitarist/vocalist Noel Gallagher seem to have buried the hatchet. Albarn has even invited Gallagher to collaborate on a possible project.

NME reports that Albarn told Shortlist he would welcome Gallagher to his Africa Express project, who are set to get back together this September.

"Well, why not," says Albarn when asked if he would work with the High Flying Birds frontman. "He should come on the Africa Express train in September. That’d be a nice chance to collaborate."

Albarn also admits that Oasis handled the fame a lot better than Blur did during the Britpop explosion, which is something he respects.

"I never held anything against him, even right in the middle of it," Albarn states. "I just kind of admired them in a way; that they were better at handling it all than me. They didn't seem to get too affected by the bulls--t."

Noel Gallagher expressed slight interest in working with Albarn earlier this year in an interview with NME. The British mag asked Gallagher if he would rather work with Radiohead or the Gorillaz co-founder.

"If I was gonna make a record, it'd be Damon," the singer says. "For a start, he's as mad as a box of frogs. Number two, he'd get loads of hip-hop dudes working on it, which itself would be f---ing mental. And number three? It would be a better record."

They have come quite far since the days of Noel Gallagher hoping Albarn and his Blur bandmate Alex James would "catch AIDS and die."

In related news, Albarn clarified his comments about seeing the end of Blur and Gorillaz. He explained that Blur never really think about the end and will probably make up with Gorillaz partner Jamie Hewlett in the near future.