Brand New have been somewhat cagy in terms of when they’ll release their next album, but recent developments have instilled hope that it will arrive sooner rather than later.

As Consequence of Sound points out, one Reddit user recently met up with drummer Brian Lane, and Lane said the band are a week into recording at Sonic Ranch studio in Texas with a few more weeks to go. The post has been deleted from Reddit, but grabbed the text before it was removed:

Actually got to talk to Brian a bit and he said they have been recording for a little over a week and still have a few weeks left. Also Jessie [sic] [Lacey] and Vinny [sic] [Accardi] walked right past me, but had their manager was with them, so I felt awkward asking for a picture. Got to hear a recording of a guitar riff from the new album as well. Sounds very reminiscent of 'Deja [Entendu]'.

Likewise, producer Mike Sapone recently shared a photo of Accardi in the studio:

This news arrives five months after the band first revealed they had entered the studio. Before that, they debuted two new songs: “Mene” and “Sealed to Me.” Despite all of this apparent forward momentum, Lacey, during an emotional speech at a concert in Nashville earlier this month, seemingly alluded to the band's impending breakup:

This is the last show we’re playing this year and it will be the last show for a while. There are going to be a lot of things different when we come back. I’m going to have a new daughter… and hopefully we have a record to play for you. I’m gonna tell you right here and now this isn’t going to last much longer. But it’s been so special for so long, and for as long as it does last we’re so grateful to all you for being here.

Hear Lacey's entire speech below:

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