After a six year absence, Built to Spill are kicking back into gear, recently announcing their first new album since 2009's There Is No Enemy. Untethered Moon is set for release April 21 via Warner Bros. Records and the guys have just premiered the first official video from the new disc -- check it out above.

The clip, directed by Jordan Minkoff, is for the track "Living Zoo," and takes viewers on a crazed, ritualistic camping trip of sorts that briefly features the band performing. Untethered Moon is the band's eighth and, possibly, final album with Warner Bros., but the band is already looking ahead.

"I think for our next record we might do something different," singer/guitarist Doug Martsch recently told Noisey. "This was our last record with Warner Bros. that we’re obligated to do. So we might look around and see what our other options will be."

He also alludes to there being no bad blood between the band and major label: "They’ve let us do what we want to do. At the same time, they maybe don’t promote us as much. So it’s a blessing and a curse ... I don’t have any ideas about the music industry. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m going to try to get my head into the music industry this next year and figure out what we’re going to do next."

Built to Spill will be hitting the road throughout April and May -- find their full tour dates here.

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