Indie rockers Built to Spill are returning with their eighth studio album, Untethered Moon, next Tuesday (April 21) via Warner Bros. and in preparation, they've made the LP available for a full stream via NPR.

The 10-track LP will serve as the band's first new album in six years and their first with roadies-turned-members Jason Albertini (bass) and Stephen Gere (drums) who replace Brett Nelson and Scott Plouf, respectively. The two former members left the band in 2012.

Frontman Doug Martsch talked to Noisey about the band's songwriting gap. "I got a little bit disillusioned by music, and when I pick up the guitar and started playing something, it sounded stupid to me," said Martsch. "It sounded like those things that other people were doing." He said later changed his tune after listening to Canadian band Slam Dunk, who inspired him to get back on the wagon.

For more on BTS, check out our refresher course on the band here. The new album is currently available for pre-order.

Untethered Moon Tracklist:
1. "All Our Songs"
2. "Living Zoo"
3. "On The Way"
4. "Some Other Song"
5. "Never Be The Same"
6. "C.R.E.B."
7. "Another Day"
8. "Horizon To Cliff"
9. "So"
10. "When I’m Blind"

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