Butch Walker shows us he's no stranger to toxic love in his new track, 'Bed On Fire.'

Between the sulking tempo and Walker's tortured vocals, the song will bring you back to that relationship that felt great when it was good -- but made your life a living hell when it was bad.

"Bed on fire / Love in flames / Hundred times you say my name / Lay in shock with me till the darkness ends / Do it again," he sings in the chorus.

Produced by touring buddy Ryan Adams, the track is one part sultry, one part haunting and all kinds of amazing -- if that's the type of sound you crave. And let's not forget that impeccable guitar solo during the instrumental break that adds more flair and a hint of sexiness to the track -- the perfect soundtrack for the relationship that isn't good for you but keeps making you go back for more.

Walker's upcoming LP, 'Afraid of Ghosts,' hits the streets on Feb. 3 via Dangerbird Records.

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