There’s very little creative ground that Butch Walker hasn’t traversed, from penning smash hit songs for pop stars to engineering albums for rock stars to writing and performing heartfelt tunes under his own moniker to scripting his own autobiography. There’s very little he’s missed trying out throughout his career. In the upcoming documentary ‘Out of Focus,’ Butch Walker will be making his big-screen debut playing none other than himself, offering up an intimate and behind the scenes look at a day in the life.

The documentary, which Walker admits he was a little skeptical about at first, chronicles the last year of Walker touring with his band the Black Widows in support of their latest release ‘The Spade.’

Known for doing things on his own terms, the trailer for the film, seen below, offers up clips and quotes that give a perfect prelude to what Walker is all about, from “There’s a difference to me between a good song and a hit song," to “I’m not a blues singer and I’m not a punk screamer, I come from melody and a lyrical place." The film creators call it a “film about never giving up and discovering what really matters,” and that does seem to be something Walker certainly has a firm grasp on.

‘Out of Focus’ will be making its debut later this month at the Nashville Film Festival on April 24, and in true Butch Walker fashion, he’ll follow it up with an intimate gig at the local Nashville haunt 12th and Porter the following evening on April 25. The show will be Butch Walker in his natural habitat - stripped down, solo, and pure perfection, so catch the show if you can. Tickets go on sale Friday April 13 and will likely sell out quickly.

Watch the Trailer For the Butch Walker Documentary ‘Out Of Focus’