In a recent interview with Fender, Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz discussed everything from his preferred guitars to his rock heroes.

Shultz says he was always attracted to Fender guitars because he saw his musical role models playing them: Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Dinosaur Jr., specifically.

He recounted receiving his first Fender – a Telecaster – from his parents and now-wife. Since then, he says he likes playing tunes with a Fender Mustang, saying, “I’ve always liked my guitars to have a really good cut, so I’ve really gotten into the Mustang. You can have it so clean that the effects speak very well through the guitar.”

Shultz went on to say that he turned to music as a means of connecting with others.

“I think the reason that we do what we do right now is ‘cause we’re in love with music, and it’s a great platform to connect with people and it’s a very communal thing,” he said. “I think music at its barest bones is just that: It’s the rawest and most honest form of communication that you can have, because when words can’t really say what you want to express, you can always have people who can connect to music.”

Watch Shultz’s complete conversation with Fender in the video above. Cage the Elephant’s most recent album, Melophobia, arrived back in 2013.

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