From the Beatles to Radiohead, bands have been making animated videos for years. It's not a new concept, but thanks to original artwork from frontman Matthew Shultz, Cage the Elephant make their new 'Come a Little Closer' clip stand out.

Reminiscent of 'Yellow Submarine' with its vibrant colors and out-there concept, 'Come a Little Closer' finds the band running away from psychedelic monsters, floating through space and performing in front of a kaleidoscope of different backdrops that might make you want to take a break every few seconds to soak in the new pattern. There's even a part where the band hops into a boat and appear to reenact George Washington's sail across the Delaware River.

'Come a Little Closer' is the lead single on the Kentucky quintet's third album, 'Melophobia,' which dropped Oct. 8.

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