Cage the Elephant have unleashed an unofficial video for their 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' track 'Always Something.' In the clip, the rockers from Kentucky give behind-the-scenes glimpses of what it's like for them being on tour, as they travel across the country to perform for fans at live gigs.

Through vibrant flashing lights and distorted camera work, Cage the Elephant take fans through sound checks and sold-out performances in the 'Always Something' video. The clip also chronicles their trek across the U.S., as they touch down in warmer, beachy climates with palm trees, cruise by snowy mountains by train, and drive across bridges in New York City.

In addition to the electrifying live footage, which really shows off the vivacity of a CtE show, viewers can also check out frontman Matt Shultz floating by all Zen-like on a skateboard, furiously brushing his teeth, and getting amped before he hits the stage with the rest of the band.

With their first three (official) videos for 'Thank You, Happy Birthday' tracks -- 'Shake Me Down,' 'Around Your Head' and 'Aberdeen' -- finding the Cage the Elephant guys acting out plotted scenes (or in the case of the claymation clip for 'Aberdeen,' not appearing at all), it's refreshing to see some improvisational clips from the band. It gives a closer look as to what the guys are truly like and how hard they rock. We bet you'll be snagging a ticket to their next show after watching the 'Always Something' video.

Watch the Cage the Elephant 'Always Something' Video

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