Cameron Rafati, the man behind Cameron the Public, tried to keep his music secondary to his studies as a student at USC, but after a brief stint at a 9-to-5 job after graduation, he knew that life wasn’t for him. After refocusing on music, Rafati put out a solo album in 2011. Now, he’s prepping to release his band’s debut EP at the end of the summer.

This is a band that knows its craft. The fact that Cameron the Public has opened for everyone from Imagine Dragons to Jason Derulo is a testament to their ability to blend genres and create incredibly likeable songs. They’re even working on an entrance theme song, titled 'Face Your Destiny,' for boxer Manny Pacquiao.

It’ll all make sense once you hear today’s free MP3, ‘Apple Pie.’ It’s raucous folk-rock with the shout-it-out sensibilities of blues and old-school R&B. While you might not be in need of an entrance song for your next match, like Pacquiao, ‘Apple Pie’ is brimming with enough energy for it to become your own personal theme song.

“‘Apple Pie’ is about constantly chasing after a dream, day in and day out with no end,” Rafati told “We wrote it when we lived in the Hollywood hills and would hike around the Hollywood sign at sundown. That area would give us a lot of odd inspiration.”

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