Imagine Dragons

With the arena-sized hooks of Imagine Dragons’ debut ‘Night Visions,’ it was only due time before their layered synth-rock finally caught fire following a string of self-released EPs. Tinged with a backdrop of hip-hop bombast via assist by producer Alex da Kid, ‘Visions’ boasted three smash hits that equally showcased their ample range. The spirited 'It’s Time,' introspective 'Demons' and adrenaline-fueled “Radioactive” all claimed spots among the top of the charts. The album itself went on to be certified platinum, reaching No. 2, and 'Radioactive' garnered the band a 2014 Grammy for Best Rock Performance. Their appearance at the ceremony included a standout live collaboration with rapper Kendrick Lamar, further solidifying their reputation for beat-driven ingenuity and larger-than-life stage presence.

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