We were totally thrilled to get that minute-long TV spot for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' yesterday, even though it probably spoiled something.

Well, hold on, fans, because four whole minutes of the movie, which opens on April 4, have just surfaced online. And the scene features a lot of Captain America, a lot of Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow) and lots of hand-on-hand combat. Watch it now, just in case you need to take a pee break when you go see it at the theater.

The extended scene comes during a point in the movie when the captain and his lady friend, as Marvel's helpful intro points out, "infiltrate an ocean liner taken over by Batroc." It's a bit slow moving at first, but a little more than a minute in, the action starts.

And whoa! You gotta see Captain America with his shield! Dude learned some new tricks with it since his last appearance in that Avengers movie. Seriously, just check it out above.

With some kick-ass fighting (we mentioned there's some of that going on, right?), lots of menacing foreign-language-speaking villains and quips between the hero and Black Widow (why don't these two just hook up already?), it's a good sign where things are heading with this movie.

Oh, and there's another lingering shot of Johansson's ass, just in case you were wondering.

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