Dealing with Winter Soldier is one thing, but Captain America dealing with the death of a beloved Marvel movie series regular is a whole different ballpark. And to quote a certain someone, "It ain't even the same f---ing sport."

Warning: There may be potential spoilers here.

In the newest TV spot for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' certain allusions are made towards Samuel L. Jackson's character, Nick Fury, dying during the sequel's events. Given Fury's line of work and the history of the actor who plays him, this honestly shouldn't really be much of a surprise. (The movie opens on April 4.)

If this spoiler, pointed out by First Showing, is indeed true, this means that Jackson will be the only actor in history to be killed by a shark (in 'Deep Blue Sea,' where he wasn't even in the water), a velociraptor, a dark lord of the sith, Joe Pesci (in 'Goodfellas'), a game of Russian roulette ('187') and, finally, a Marvel supervillain. Sean Bean might die in nearly every movie role he's ever in, but this just adds hilarity to the repertoire of deaths to the actor who was killed just for being a piano player in 'Kill Bill'.

Marvel Comics fans should be able to realize that Fury is one of the most methodical spies on the planet. Remember what he did with Agent Coulson's cards in 'The Avengers'? So even though we saw S.H.I.E.L.D.'s helicarrier crash and hearing characters say Nick Fury is dead, we have a strong feeling it might not go down that way.

Of course, the major question that arises during this TV spot is, "Why would they announce Fury is dead on the TV trailer and spoil the movie?" And there's only one major rationale to this: Because they'll bring him back. The most likely thing was that Fury, a master manipulator, faked his death. If Marvel really wanted to rock our socks off, they would've just let it be a secret until the movie's debut (queue in the lone Chris Evans tear). We wish we could've had some of Jules' divine intervention from 'Pulp Fiction' to pull that spoiler out of its trailer.

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