Like a '90s alt band that discovered glitch-hop on a mushroom trip, Cars & Trains bring us their Skyrider remix of 'Asking.'

Taking a few pointers from Chino Moreno, Cars & Trains hark back to the Deftones guitarist's Team Sleep project. While solo artist and songwriter Tom Filepp is the creative engine driving Cars & Trains, he handpicked artists from the Portland area to feature on the album, including Future Historians, Alameda, Ascetic Junkies, Rickolus, Ceschi Ramos and Filepp's labelmates Astronautalis.

Speaking with, Filepp dubbed his music "electroacoustic pop," and frankly, we couldn't have classified it better ourselves. "The idea was to create a narrative about family -- a search for identity and a personal narrative expressed through electroacoustic pop," he said. Get a taste of the gifted Oregonite's third full-length below.

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