San Francisco’s excellent psych-rock outfit Wooden Shjips is returning with a new album following 2011’s ‘West.’ ‘Back to Land’ is the Ripley Johnson-led band’s fourth LP, and we’re offering its title track for free download below.

Johnson has said he believes the quartet’s sound transcends the psychedelic genre, but mostly because psych-rock is not so much a specific set of sounds, but rather a sound that transports its listeners. Wooden Shjips certainly achieve that with ‘Back to Land,’ with its feedback-filled and fuzzy intro, Johnson’s buried vocals and the foursome’s signature drones.

Following a two-year stint in Colorado, Johnson has now settled in Portland, Ore. The singer tells that ‘Back to Land’ explores this sometimes elusive concept of finding one’s home.

“This song is loosely a reflection on getting back home and being in that comfortable place both physically and psychically,” he says.

“I wrote this after recently moving to Portland, Ore., and I had a good friend who had just moved to Reno,” Johnson adds. “So the broader ideas of home and also some past memories of various places I’ve lived and rambled are all part of the song.”

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