There are few bigger bands in the world than Depeche Mode, the British synth-rock outfit formed back in 1980 and still going strong three decades later. The trio -- singer Dave Gahan, guitarist-keyboarist Martin Gore and keyboardist Andy Fletcher -- just released its 13th studio album, 'Delta Machine,' and is gearing up for a lengthy world tour, the North American leg of which kicks off Aug. 22 in Detroit. The Mode have released dozens of music videos and numerous concert documentaries, but a band this massive and iconic deserves a big-screen biopic. If only Hollywood producers could find the right actors to play the band. Luckily, we at have a knack for casting, and below are our picks for who should play Gahan, Fletcher and Gore in a Depeche Mode movie.

Dave Gahan Played By Shia LaBeouf

Dave Gahan Shia LaBeouf
Frazer Harrison / Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Dave Gahan is one strikingly handsome gentleman, and well, so is actor Shia LaBeouf. Sure, Gahan turned 50 this year, and LaBeouf is barely half his age at 26, but the young star, who is perhaps best known for his roles in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,' 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' and the 'Transformers' movies, certainly has the charisma and moxie to pull off Gahan in his younger years. The real question: How does LaBeouf look in a leather vest?

Andy Fletcher Played By Matthew Modine

Andy Fletcher Matthew Modine
Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Getty Images / Press Here Now

Much closer together in age are Andy Fletcher and actor Matthew Modine -- in fact, at 54, Modine is a few years older than the Depeche Mode multi-instrumentalist. But the veteran actor has played a wide range of characters over the years -- his turn as Private Joker in Stanley Kubrick's Oscar-nominated war movie 'Full Metal Jacket' may be his best-known performance -- and taking on Fletcher shouldn't prove too taxing. Physically, Fletcher and Modine aren't twins or anything, but their floppy blonde hair and gracefully aged faces are similar enough to make it work.

Martin Gore Played By Michael Sheen

Martin Gore Michael Sheen
Malcolm Taylor / Tim Whitby, Getty Images

Martin Gore is one of the more distinctive-looking guys in the rock world, and finding an actor to take on the role was not easy. Eventually, we noticed that someone had pointed out Martin looks like the character of Castor from 2010's 'TRON: Legacy.' Obviously, we can't cast a fictional character, so we selected Welsh actor Michael Sheen, who played Castor in 'TRON,' to portray Gore. Their similarly curly hair helps make the case, but we were most impressed by Sheen's resume, which is already heavy on biopic roles. He played Tony Blair in a trio of flicks about the British politician, as well as troubled comic actor Kenneth Williams in 'Fantabulosa!' broadcaster David Frost in 'Frost/Nixon' and outspoken soccer manager Brian Clough in 'The Damned United.' Considering Sheen's background, the Gore roll seems like cake.