With the Black Crowes announcing their end earlier this year, singer Chris Robinson has had more time to devote to his other band, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Part of that means concentrating on upcoming releases, including a limited-edition album hits shelves today, June 2.

Betty's Blends, Volume Two: Best of the West collects several live recordings the group made during a recent west coast tour, and ahead of it hitting the streets, they've shared their cover of the Grateful Dead's "They Love Each Other" -- listen below (via Rolling Stone):

Many of the band's members have performed with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh during live performances, which Robinson credits as a big reason the band performs their songs live: "The impetus for many of the Dead covers we choose to play often comes from having enjoyed performing them with Phil. 'They Love Each Other' is one we first did at his 70th birthday show. We also gravitate to the Dead songs that the Chris Robinson Brotherhood's sound envelops the best and that we find our groove in. It's a beautiful song with a beautiful lyric and sentiment; the power of love runs deep in all of us who are open to it. It's one of Jerry [Garcia]'s sweeter moments."