Don't be fooled by the word debut -- this is anything but Claire de Lune's first time in front of a microphone. Over the last five years, the siren has carved out an impressive path for herself, contributing hooks and harmonies galore to offerings by the Tribe and Big Cats, as well as collaborating with folk-hop MC Guante in A Loud Heart, and even co-founded all girl hip-hop group the Chalice.

De Lune paints a sultry, somber picture with her Midwest heartache lyrics on 'Save the Day,' from her debut full-length, 'New Lion.' "You're home alone / Chillin' in your comfort zone / With your head in your hands / You say you can't believe everything you see happening," the songstress croons over a fluttering saxophone lead before emerging MCs and friends MaLLy and Truth Be Told join her for the chorus and next verse. On the chemistry between the players, she tells, ''Save the Day' is kind of a sequel to a song I did with the Tribe and Big Cats called 'We Gone,' which also featured MaLLy. Same cast of characters: Big Cats made the beat again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!'

'Save the Day' is a taste of what's to come from Claire de Lune; for new music and announcements check here, and pick up a copy of 'New Lion' here. Listen to the song 'Save the Day' by downloading it below.

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