Clutch have revealed the title of their 12th album – Book of Bad Decisions is expected to be released in September, and follows 2015’s Psychic Warfare. Frontman Neil Fallon described the new LP as feeling more “live” than some of their previous works.

“Vance is one of us,” Fallon said of producer Vance Powell in a new interview with 103.7 The Eagle Rocks (video below). “[H]e understands the live parameters. He didn't go to a fancy audio school [then] directly to the studio. He paid his dues, and I think that's an education you can't buy.”

He reported that 15 songs had been laid down in a three-week period in Nashville and that the experience had been “light years easier” than he’d expected. “[E]very time I would go home, I felt like I hadn't accomplished anything during the day, and I was really worried. And then, all of a sudden, when things started getting towards the end, I was, like, 'Wow, we actually made a record.' It wasn't like pulling teeth. [Powell’s] got a very laid-back approach to tracking vocals, and he mixes along the way, so it starts sounding better and better and better.”

On the subject of lyrical themes, Fallon said he’d been inspired by events from his life and from his band’s career, which he’d exaggerated “for the purposes of drama,” adding: “I've always been wary of that, 'cause I don't really like nostalgia. But I also realize, after 25 years, there's a whole catalogue of experiences that I can take and draw from that. Sometimes getting inspired can be hard … ’What's this one gonna be about?' And sometimes they come right out of the sky. Sometimes no, they don't. So that seemed like a good place to draw from.”

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