New heavy supergroup alert! Dunsmuir have announced their self-titled debut album, for release July 22 on Hall of Records. The band brings together drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath), singer Neil Fallon (Clutch), bassist Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) and guitarist Dave Bone (the Company Band) for a sci-fi fantasy narrative.

"We turned out some serious metal on this record and it shreds," Fallon says in a press release. “The concept behind the lyrics is comprised of 10 tales from the survivors of a shipwreck. What had been intended as a scientific expedition, quickly deteriorates into a struggle to survive both the natural and supernatural world.”

Dunsmuir unleashed the singles “Our Only Master” and “The Bats (Are Hungry Tonight)” in April 2016. Both upheld the metal tenets popularized by Ronnie James Dio and Iron Maiden, coming off like a George R. R. Martin novel on steroids.

“This record is an intense collaboration of four minds all set on ‘destroy,’” Bone echoes in the release. “It’s been a few years in the making and now ready to erupt.”

The musical warriors released a trio of 7-inches in 2016, limited to a run of 500 apiece. In addition to an iTunes presale, the 1,000 copies of the Dunsmuir vinyl LP will come with a signed lithograph poster of the album cover.

The quartet apparently got their name from a Northern California city where, in 1991, a chemical spill wiped out 38 miles of aquatic life in the Upper Sacramento River. With track titles such as “Crawling Chaos!” Dunsmuir might be the ecological metal record the world never knew it needed.

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