Coachella's organizers doubled the fun this year, expanding the festival to two weekends, and they're planning on making it even bigger in 2013.

In plans filed with the city of Indio, Calif., where Coachella is held, organizers have laid out their plans to spread out next year's festival over five non-consecutive weekends. According to local newspaper the Desert Sun, officials are investigating the likely environmental impact of the proposal.

Reportedly, Coachella would handle its expanded length by splitting into two portions. The first would take place over three consecutive three-day weekends in the spring, and another two weekends would follow on unspecified dates later in the year. Organizers are also reportedly making plans to expand Coachella's size and scope -- although at 535 acres and 95,000 attendees, it's already pretty huge.

As Contact Music reports, the proposed expansion isn't the only Coachella addition in the works; the festival will set sail with the inaugural voyage of the S.S. Coachella this fall, staging a Festival at Sea featuring Grimes, Hot Chip, Sleigh Bells, Yeasayer, Pulp and more. Staterooms are still available for the two cruises, which are scheduled for December. Visit the festival site for more information.