Yeasayer, ‘Longevity’ – New Video
It takes a little while to figure out exactly what's happening in Yeasayer's new 'Longevity' video, but once you realize what you are watching -- that is, singer Chris Keating and the rest of the band going through an accelerated aging process -- it's hard to avert your eyes…
Yeasayer, ‘Fragrant World’ – Album Review
Beloved and be-blogged, Yeasayer were once a Brooklyn band to the fullest, typifying the fussy artisanal nature of the borough, arising somewhere near the same neighborhood as the electro brood of TV on the Radio and the organic hooks of Grizzly Bear -- oh, those tranquil days of 2008! At Yeasayer's…
Yeasayer, ‘Henrietta’ – Song Review
Brooklyn's Yeasayer became critical darlings with 2010's 'Odd Blood,' but they haven't released much since then -- until yesterday's inscrutable tweet, an enigmatic splash page, and, a new "dubbed-out pseudo-science-fiction" track.