Coca-Cola's animated 'Spirit of the Euro' commercial promotes the 2012 Euro Cup with the help of a new Gogol Bordello track called 'Let's Get Crazy.'

'Let's Get Crazy' is a typical Bordello offering with lots of percussion and euphoric group chants. In the commercial, a renegade cartoon character in some sort of flying vehicle chugs Coke and proves that Coca-Cola and soccer balls have the power to turn a regular person into "a silly-dancing, trumpet-blowing, costume-wearing, football song-chanting lunatic." "Let's get, let's get, let's get crazy!," frontman Eugene Hutz shouts as the ad fades out.

'Let's Get Crazy' is the official Coca-Cola anthem for the Euro Cup, the UEFA European championship for soccer - er, football. The 16-country tournament will be held this summer in Poland and Ukraine.

Gogol Bordello are perhaps the most successful of an emerging group of gypsy punk bands who incorporate Eastern European sounds into rock music. With a wildly energetic live show featuring violin, accordion, guitars and bongo drums, Gogol Bordello have been staples on the summer festival scene for several years. Their last album, 2010's Rick Rubin-produced 'Trans-Continental Hustle,' was their highest-charting effort in America to date, entering at No. 62.

Watch Gogol Bordello's 'Let's Get Crazy' in the Coca-Cola Euro Cup 2012 Commercial