Less than a week after they released a surprise new song that probably got Justin Vernon's lawyers all excited, Coldplay just released another new song, and this one, they say, is the official first single from their upcoming album.

Unlike 'Midnight,' the song released last week that sounds a lot like Bon Iver, 'Magic' is way closer to what you expect from Coldplay: gently rolling alt-rock that doesn't push too hard in any direction. It's pretty much pleasant mom rock with a side of light electronics, just to let you know they're still in the game. You can listen to it above.

'Magic''s release coincides with the announcement that Coldplay's sixth album, 'Ghost Stories,' will come out on May 19. It's their first record since 2011's 'Mylo Xyloto,' which we still don't know how to pronounce. At least 'Ghost Stories' rolls off the tongue easier.

The new album will include nine songs, five of which -- like 'Midnight' and 'Magic' -- consist of one-word titles. The last song on the LP is called 'O,' driving home some sorta point about the album. We're guessing it has something to do with minimalism, ambient, moods ... and we're also guessing that 'Midnight' may turn out to be its most adventurous track.

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