Giorgio Moroder, the Italian studio genius who helped shaped some of the most pulsating disco hits of the '70s, has put his stamp on a new Coldplay song. And the electronics-fueled results are way more exciting than the original version.

The song in question is 'Midnight' -- that's the one that sounds like Bon Iver -- and Moroder's throbbing restructuring of the song throws it into a whole new place musically. It's hard to get around Chris Martin's falsetto from the track, but the sleepy mix of the original song is substituted with a metro-lining locomotive beat straight outta 1977 Eurodisco.

Sorta like he did on this classic:

It's eight and a half minutes long and features space-age robots filling in the spots usually reserved for Martin's faceless bandmates. You can listen to the remix below.

Moroder recently worked with Daft Punk on their Grammy-hogging 'Random Access Memories' album. This Coldplay collaboration officially makes him indie rock's new go-to favorite old guy when songs need some retro disco sheen.

The more somber version of 'Midnight' will appear on Coldplay's upcoming album 'Ghost Stories,' which comes out on May 19.

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