Hailing from Northampton, Mass., indie rockers Colorway are celebrating their sophomore record, The Black Sky Sequinedthat hit the streets earlier this week (May 5). Now, just a few days following its release, Diffuser is beyond thrilled to premiere Colorway's official music video for "Come Back July" -- check it out above.

The new record was recorded in Easthampton by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab and mastered by legendary engineer Bob Ludwig. "Come Back July" serves as the LP's lead single, and is a perfect representation of the band's ability to craft an impossibly catchy pop-rock tune.

"'Come Back July' is a love letter to my favorite month of the year," frontman F. Alex Johnson tells us. "It was written between 9PM and 11:59PM on July 31. I wanted to kind of let July know I wasn't exactly done loving it. I wasn't ready for fall festivals or the stray Roman Candle in the late August sky that makes you wish it was the Fourth still. I love the Northeast, it's my home, but I've been a little worried about releasing this video, especially after the brutal winter we just went through ... now that the weather is starting to feel almost summery, I'm thrilled to share the music and images with the world."

The video for "Come Back July" was co-directed by Tom Adams of Reelife Productions, and most of the fall scenes were shot in the cornfields of Amherst and Hadley, Massachusetts.

"We have all these old tobacco barns and they just look so ominous against the fields of corn stalk skeletons that it felt right for the shoot," Johnson explains. "The studio shots are of the actual recording of it -- including the solo -- so it's sort of live. For the car shots, I decided to drive around with my video camera strapped to the passenger headrest ... I took a few spins -- literally -- around the neighborhood to get the angle right but I just love the quick glimpses of the people in my neighborhood snowplowing and shoveling out just thinking, 'Why the hell do I live here in this hell?'"

He wraps up his thoughts with some realistic optimism: "As I sit on my porch with a warm spring breeze hitting me, I know -- at least for the next six months -- that everything is going to be alright. Check back in December and I'll probably have a different view."

You can stay up-to-date with Colorway's happenings at their official website -- and make sure to pick up their new record, The Black Sky Sequined here.

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