Following the success of its Brooklyn location, Converse recently announced that the company will open Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston on July 1. Like its first location, the  recording studio will allow artists to use the 1,100 square-foot facilities for no charge and work with experienced engineers and producers.

Jed Lewis, Converse Global Music Marketing Director, said in a press release of working with the Boston community:

For over three years, Converse has nurtured the music community in Boston through Converse Rubber Tracks pop-up studios and Converse Rubber Tracks Live shows. We’re proud to contribute to a city that boasts such a large, untapped pool of extraordinary talent that shares a deep passion and love for music. Through Converse Rubber Tracks, we aim to invest in the future of the music culture by helping inspire this new generation on an ongoing basis.

The studio manager, Evan Kenney, also cited the facility's importance to emerging acts:

For any new artist, free access to a high-quality studio and one-on-one time with a professional team of producers and engineers are key to any great recording experience. Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and gear for artist of any genre to utilize during their recording session.

More information about Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston is available here. Be sure to also check out our exclusive interview with Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum from May, in which he talks about the Converse Rubber Tracks tour his band participated in.