Want Radiohead to play at your wedding reception? That's going to be very expensive, if it's even possible at all. A better option might be to move your wedding to a Radiohead concert. That's just what one couple did over the weekend at the Coachella festival in Indio, Calif. 

Memo Zavala and Lauren Shryock of Los Angeles got hitched on Saturday afternoon. They were married by a friend who became an ordained minister at their request a few months earlier, once they decided to tie the knot at the music festival. A group of friends and random passers-by witnessed the ceremony, held at one of the art exhibits. It was far from a formal affair, with casual attire all around, aside from the groom's button-down shirt.

The Orange County Register reports the event was the bride's first Coachella experience, while the groom had attended once before. “I’ve known about it since it started, and I always wanted to come,” Shryock said. Zavala said, “Who better to play your reception than Radiohead!”

Radiohead didn't play 'A Punchup at a Wedding' during their Coachella performance, which might have put a capper on the evening, but they did offer a 20-song set heavy on tracks from last year's 'The King of Limbs.' You can watch the band's entire performance here.