Courtney Love and composer/playwright Todd Almond hosted a discussion about their collaborative opera Kansas City Choir Boy in San Francisco. The two artists eventually worked their way to the topic of PJ Harvey, and Love treated those in attendance to a cover of the English singer-songwriter.

Kansas City Choir Boy ran in theaters in New York last year, and Love performed a number of songs from the conceptual pop-opera piece at the Curran Theatre last night (March 7). Love and Almond also discussed their mutual admiration for Harvey before Love delivered a biting rendition of “To Bring You My Love” only accompanied by piano. Watch for yourself in the video at the top.

It wasn't so long ago Love covered another group of '90s contemporaries. In January, the Hole frontwoman served up an equally raw take on Radiohead's "Creep" at a pre-Oscars party in L.A.

Harvey, meanwhile, is set to release her latest full-length The Hope Six Demolition Project on April 15. It's one of our most anticipated albums this spring.

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