The coming of spring holds different promises for different people. For the baseball-obsessed, spring training arrives as a happy herald of a new season on the way. Anyone enamored of the natural world will watch with glee as the greenery around them comes back to life again. And music geeks the world over will start salivating like a pack of Pavlov’s dogs when the skeletal record release schedule they’re forced to endure each winter is replaced by the fruitful flow of springtime albums.

But even the most anal record obsessives can’t be on top of everything. That’s why we’ve worked up this guide to our most anticipated album releases of the coming season. Some of the artists you encounter will be old favorites making welcome returns (Hello, PJ Harvey and Underworld) while others are of a more recent vintage, but their latest outings are just as eagerly awaited (Parquet Courts, the Last Shadow Puppets). And we’ve got some surprises in store too, names you may not know yet, but once you latch on to them, you’ll be glad you got wind of their work. So we’ve done the heavy lifting for you; all you have to do is start clicking to let that sense of springtime satisfaction begin.

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