Superior Court Judge Theresa Doyle will hear arguments today (July 31) as Richard Lee, who runs a Seattle public access television show, is suing the Seattle Police Department and the city for Kurt Cobain death scene photos, which he claims will prove the Nirvana singer did not die from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Cobain's widow Courtney Love and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain have appealed to the court with a letter, urging them to keep the photos private.

I have had to cope with many personal issues because of my father's death. Coping with even the possibility that those photographs could be made public is very difficult. Further sensationalizing it through the release of these pictures would cause us indescribable pain.

Neither Cobain nor Love have seen the photos and are looking to prevent the negative impact seeing them could potentially have on their lives. The documentary about Kurt Cobain's life, Montage of Heck, was recently nominated for an Emmy Award.

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