The members of Spoon sure got people (including us, obviously) talking when they posted this picture on Facebook and Twitter today. All signs seem to counter the first idea that popped into our heads: The band's breaking up. They have a new record coming soon and a big ol' tour booked. They even teased us with a snippet of a song recently. So what could this mean then?

The evidence, circumstantial though it may be, indicates that this is most likely related to their upcoming album. The band did recently release a teaser trailer for the new album. And they are going on tour in June. Their manager did tell Rolling Stone magazine that the new album would "coincide" with the tour.

Maybe the album is coming out on June 10. Maybe it's a clue to finding buried treasure. Maybe the band's been trapped, and they'll suffer some horrific fate on June 10 if we don't do something.

We're gonna pick "album release date" in the office pool for now. Until we find out for sure, we've still got plenty of old Spoon sitting around that we can listen to.