With all the fanfare and emotion you'd expect from a pair of French robots, Daft Punk have finally (and pretty quietly) released a digital version of their 2006 'Human After All' remix album to humans worldwide.

The original remix LP to Daft Punk's third full-length -- with remixes by Justice and Soulwax -- saw extremely limited release eight years ago only in Japan, making the record something of a white whale to die-hard collectors outside Asia.

Although the album was reissued on vinyl earlier this year, it was again only in Japan, so fans had little reason to suspect digital copies would unceremoniously pop up for sale on iTunes last week.

Harder Blogger Faster notes that the new release also includes another track that wasn't even on the original remix album: 'Technologic' by Le Knight Club (Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's side-project) that had "taken on mythical status over the years" because it was never officially credited to Daft Punk or officially endorsed by the duo.

And after all that trouble American fans must've gone through to get their hands on any of this since 2006, you can now just stream it right here:

If you don't use Spotify, you can also listen to that Le-Knight Club remix below:

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