Daft Punk have denied rumors they'll tour this year or headline any major festivals, but they will release new music. That's according to legendary producer and Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers, who took to his website recently to talk up his team-up with the French electro-pop duo.

"The next time I set foot in Japan, my collaboration with Daft Punk would have started to hit people's eardrums, as well as a number of songs I'm working on over the next few months with a select group of artists, and of course finally, my lost Chic and solo material," Rodgers wrote, according to Rolling Stone.

"No matter how it ends, 2013 Won't Be Boring!" he added.

News of the collaboration broke last August, when Rodgers hailed Daft Punk's masked men as "geniuses." That's high praise, considering Rodgers co-wrote Chic's 'Good Times' -- home of arguably the greatest bass line of all time -- and has produced hits for such pop giants as David Bowie and Madonna.

"The vibe between us is so powerful and so strong," he said, according to Rolling Stone. "For me, spiritually and artistically, working with them was as good as anything I've ever done."