If you bothered to watch 'Saturday Night Live' last night -- and really, why would you? -- and you didn't take a bathroom break during the commercials, you may have caught a brief mysterious ad featuring new music by Daft Punk.

The 15-second commercial came early last night, during one of the show's first breaks, and was in and out of there before you could say 'Da Funk' eight times real fast. A groovy disco beat played while the group's glowing new logo slowly turned into the screen, eventually giving way to a quick glimpse of their shiny new helmets. You can watch the commercial below.

The music is apparently new and most likely from their upcoming fourth album, which is reportedly coming in May. The still-untitled record will be the French duo's first album since 2005's 'Human After All.' (In 2010, they supplied the music for the 'Tron:Legacy' soundtrack.)

In addition to offering a snippet of new music, last night's SNL commercial also was an announcement of sorts for Daft Punk's switch to Columbia Records, which will release the new album this year.

The group and the label are keeping quiet about all this for now, but we really don't expect much more from two guys who play the coolest-sounding electro-disco music of the new millennium while sporting shiny robot heads. The 15-second commercial is a great tease.

Watch Daft Punk's SNL Commercial

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