It's official: The reign of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is no more. The band didn't break up, they just decided to move on from their attention grabbing name and will now be known as JR JR.

In a long Facebook post, which you can read in full below, the band explained their reasoning, saying that their band name has led to an interesting career for them thus far, then adding:

We recognize that we created this situation and that the name has been a part of getting to where we are now. It stirred up some attention for us in the modern internet world of over-stimulation, and we aren't complaining about any of it--good and bad. The name has become it's own personality, though. Almost, another member of the band.

But as time has passed, we have grown into ourselves, both as artists and individuals. Each of our perspectives have gotten stronger, and we've found that there is no longer room for a third, ubiquitous member of the project.

So recently, after a lot of thought and discussion, we made the decision to shorten our band name to the much more brief moniker of…


They also stressed that the name change wasn't because of the namesake NASCAR driver, who has actually been supportive of the group. In a letter to the band from 2011, Earnhardt wrote:

I was not quite sure what had prompted you to choose the name Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jr…..but I thought it was clever and I personally have no problem with your band's name. You will not hear from any lawyers on our end should you choose to keep the name.

At the end of the letter, the band teased a special announcement, which may be their first album since 2013's The Speed of Things.