Damon Albarn’s new video brings not only a joyous vibe but also a big-time “d’aww.” That's because 'Mr. Tembo’ -- the latest single from Albarn's debut solo album, ‘Everyday Robots’ -- is about a baby elephant.

Albarn has been reinventing himself since becoming a Britpop god back during his days with Blur. From the animated dancing demons of Gorillaz and onward, Albarn brings something new with every project he gets involved in. His solo album is more personal, with a hint of Radiohead-style melancholy, which makes it even better that ‘Mr. Tembo’ is a little ditty about a baby elephant Albarn met while visiting Tanzania.

‘Mr. Tembo’ is a bright, sweet and endearing track with chippy ukulele strumming throughout the mid-tempo tune while a gospel choir soars through the chorus, bringing a little hopeful spirit to a song about the life of the elephant.

According to the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, Mr. Tembo ("tembo" means elephant in Swahili) is quite the attraction; the baby orphan has received numerous help from people all over the world who've heard his story and helped secure supplements to care for him for many years to come.

The video shows a little glimpse of Mr. Tembo in his wilderness with his trainer, while Albarn finds a nearby chapel to sing along with a band and the Lytonstone City Mission Choir. It captures the right essence of what the baby elephant means to the singer.

If you didn’t say “aww” while watching the video, perhaps you should get checked to see if you have a heartbeat. We dare you to listen to the song after watching this video and not get all happy and warm thinking about what Mr.Tembo is doing at this very moment.

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