Damon Albarn has been doing a lot of promotion for his upcoming solo album, 'Everyday Robots.' DJ sets. SXSW showcases. Sitting in with the local bar band. What?!?

Brit-pop's busiest frontman stopped by a London pub called the Red Lion and joined the house band, the Gents, for a cover of Blur's 'Parklife.' You can watch the action above.

Albarn's appearance with the group comes on the 20th anniversary -- to the day! -- of Blur's third album, also called 'Parklife.' So maybe this was a planned promotional appearance for 'Everyday Robots,' which comes out next week.

Either way, everyone seemed to have a blast singing along to one of Blur's very-British of songs. The Gents' frontman especially gets into it, leading the singalong and steering Albarn along the way.

In the meantime, you can listen to 'Everyday Robots' in its entirety over at iTunes and check out the video for 'Heavy Seas of Love,' which features vocals by Brian Eno, below.