It's a safe bet that almost everyone in the U.S. has, at one point or another, dreamed of shredding a bitchin' guitar solo on top of a bar in front of a giant audience of screaming fans. Well, at least one person gets to do stuff like that. And it's probably no surprise that this person is Dave Grohl.

Earlier this week, the Foo Fighters played a surprise two-hour-long set for the birthday of Washington, D.C., legend Big Tony, frontman of iconic D.C. band Trouble Funk. During the Foo's set, Grohl left the stage to enjoy a shot at the bar. He took to the bar top and soloed for about two minutes. He then downed a shot of what was reportedly Jagermeister and jumped back onstage to finish the song.

Some fans who were in attendance caught the moment on video and kindly shared it with everyone. One lucky fan was close enough to the bar to get some good action photos, which she posted on Twitter.

This is almost as cool as the time the Foo Fighters played in fans' garages.

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