Dave Grohl continued his week of filling in as host of the E! talk show 'Cheslea Lately' on Tuesday (Feb. 5) with a visit from Nas. With the 55th annual Grammy Awards coming up on Sunday, Grohl (watch above) talked with the rapper about how well hip-hip is represented at the ceremony. "It's cool, but I feel it could be a little more loved, though," said Nas. "Hip-hop is making a lot of noise, it should get more spotlight."

Grohl also brought up the subject of beefing in the world of hip-hop. Grohl admitted he doesn't understand the practice -- "I mean, I make fun of Coldplay, but I would never say that out loud," he snipped -- and asked Nas if all the arguments of the last year are swept under the rug when all the beefing rappers see each other at the Grammys. "No," responded Nas, laughing. "One you say it, you gotta ride with it."

Scroll down for a clip from Monday's show, when Grohl was joined by Rick Springfield. Grohl wanted to perform some of his own songs, but apparently E! wouldn't shell out for the licensing fees, so instead, he busted out one of his “favorite and free public domain songs," 'She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.'

Watch a Clip of Dave Grohl Hosting 'Chelsea Lately'