Audiophiles and Dave Grohl fans, mark your calendars for Feb. 1. That's when the Foo Fighters frontman plans to release his directorial debut, the documentary 'Sound City,' on a worldwide scale.

The film will enjoy a premiere at the vaunted Sundance Film Festival, which takes place Jan. 17 through Jan. 27 in Park City, Utah. It's certainly an impressive way for the film to bow and to generate even more buzz, given the "it" factor implicit in Sundance. So Grohl's first time as a director is being met in the most high profile of ways.

If you are super stoked about this news, you can pre-order the digital version (which is DRM-free) for $10 and be rewarded with some instant gratification. Go here for more details on that.

The film is a look at the Sound City studio complex in Van Nuys, Calif., where many legendary albums were recorded, including Nirvana's 'Nevermind,' so Grohl has a distinctly personal connection to the location. He was inspired to make the film after he purchased the Neve 8028 recording console, considered a true gem in the analog recording world.

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