Dave Matthews is well known as a prolific road warrior, but the numbers behind that are staggering: He has toured every summer since 1992, for the past 24 years. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, which you can read in full here, Matthews spoke about the number of shows he's played and the changes in his life over the last two-plus decades.

One such change is how hard it is now to leave the stability of home life for the road: "It's always hard to leave home. My kids are getting older and smarter than me, so I toss and turn at night and need lots of coffee," he said. "It was much easier to get used to being on the road when we were always on the road. For a while there, I said, 'Wait a second, I am making a reasonable living, I wouldn't mind a weekend of idle.' Now I couldn't be more idle. I'm like the idlest part of a lazy fat man in a chair."

He also said he approaches his current tour with a "healthy combination of fear and excitement." Dave Matthews Band are on the road currently, making their way through the U.S. until September before embarking on international dates in October and November. Check out the complete itinerary here.

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