Travis Stever, guitarist and founding member of Coheed and Cambria, is preparing for the release of a new full-length album -- and it's not from Coheed.

Stever's latest project, Davenport Cabinet, is named after two 19th century illusionists, the Davenport brothers, who were known for a supernatural trick with a "spirit cabinet." Davenport Cabinet are gearing up for the release of their newest studio effort, 'Damned Renegades' -- their first since the 2013 EP, 'Risks In Magic.'

To get fans ready for the release of the new record, Davenport Cabinet are partnering with Diffuser to debut the brand new track, 'Aneris.' Check it out in the audio player below.

It makes sense that the band has ties to illusionists with supernatural abilities; from the very first plucked guitar string to the final cymbal crash, 'Aneris' is irresistibly compelling in a way that feels like mystical powers must be at work.

"The song 'Aneris' can be described as a very happy accident for 'Damned Renegades,'" Stever tells us. "I had the acoustic guitar parts written and recorded for awhile and later asked Mike [Hickey] to put drums to the riffs. He did something I never would have expected with the rhythm, completely changing the song idea for us."

Stever goes on, "I ended up re-recording the guitars to his ideas and then had Tyler [Klose] and Tom [Farkas] add bass and guitar to the mix, bringing on a whole new vibe and level of excitement. The vocal melodies are a great example of Tyler and I creating melodies that work off each other's voices."

Beyond the musical arrangements, the lyrics in 'Aneris' are more complex than most songs (which isn't a surprise considering the track was created by a band connected to Coheed and Cambria). "Lyrically, the song is about the Greek Goddess of Order, telling her story with a modern spin on how a world without order can derail life and love," Stever says.

'Damned Renegades' is slated for release on Sept. 30 via Equal Vision Records. Get details on the band here, and if you want another taste of what's to come on the new LP, listen to 'Everyone Surrounding' below: