David Bowie’s new album Blackstar (stylized ) is out tomorrow (Jan. 8), and today, the Thin White Duke has unveiled the music video for second album single “Lazarus” in full.

The clip picks up Bowie’s collaboration with director Johan Renck (The Last Panthers, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), and as such, it serves as a visual continuation of the “Blackstar” short film. Bowie once again dons a bandage with buttons for eyes over his face, but this time, he’s alternately bedridden in a hospital, frantically writing a letter or performing some jittery dance moves -- all the while a dark-haired girl looms nearby. Needless to say, it’s pretty spooky; watch the clip up above.

“One could only dream about collaborating with a mind like that; let alone twice,” Renck said of the experience in a press release. “Intuitive, playful, mysterious and profound… I have no desire to do any more videos knowing the process never ever gets as formidable and fulfilling as this was. I’ve basically touched the sun.”

Before Blackstar lands tomorrow, you can still pre-order it on CD and vinyl or grab a digital download at iTunes.

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