Rock bands have tried to sound like other bands for ages. Back in the '90s and early '00s, everyone was writing Radiohead and Nirvana in the RIYL sections of their press releases. Now, to sound like another group is almost an instant curse -- unless you're just doing it for fun during rehearsal.

New York's Dead Heart Bloom were trying on Arcade Fire's reverb-soaked baroque-pop stylings one night and found themselves inspired. Their jam session birthed 'Montreal,' which doesn't really sound like Arcade Fire at all, but it possesses the dark-pop attitude that the Northern supergroup prides itself on.

"It began life as a rehearsal exercise, fooling around with playing a song in the style of a certain popular band out of Montreal," Dead Heart Bloom tells "Although the song itself moved away from that, the name stuck."

"Our producer Anthony Molina put his signature on the tune with the addition of the spacey synth hooks you hear in the chorus," they add. "Lyrically, the song's about struggling against your own negative emotions and other people saying, 'You can't.'"

Download 'Montreal' below, and catch up with Dead Heart Bloom over on their Facebook page.

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